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5 Ways to Get Better Sleep This Summer

July 16, 2021

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For many people, summer is the best time of year. From week-long vacations and afternoons spent by the pool to late-night movie watching and backyard barbecues, the warm temperatures and longer days make for an enjoyable few months. But if you suffer from sleep apnea, trying to achieve adequate rest can seem impossible. While you may yearn for a full night of uninterrupted snoozing, the unfortunate reality is that various changes that occur throughout summer can hinder your sleep schedule. To help you get back on track and avoid feeling like a zombie day-in and day-out, a sleep dentist shares 5 things you can do to start getting the rest you need.

Why is Summer Sleep So Much Harder?

Known for its ability to encourage greater relaxation, induce happiness, and present a sense of tranquility, summer just makes people feel better. Yes, depending on where you live, the days can be hot or even sweltering, but it’s hard not to smile when you spend time outside enjoying the warm temperatures and summer breeze.

So why is it so difficult trying to get the necessary sleep? While there’s no one specific reason, researchers have narrowed it down, helping to pinpoint what might be causing your inability to sleep:

  • Indoor temperatures may be uncomfortable (too hot), causing you to frequently wake throughout the night
  • Seasonal allergens in the air making it harder for you to breathe
  • Longer days and later sunsets can mess with your body’s sleep cycle
  • Summer vacations, especially those that cause a time jump (forward or backward) can cause jet lag or a disruption in your normal sleep schedule
  • Because the sun goes down later, you may not be eating when you normally do

5 Tips for Better Sleep

If you are ready to enjoy your summer while getting the rest you need, here are some changes you can make to minimize your symptoms of sleep apnea:

  • Limit your time in front of electronic devices at night. This includes your smartphone, television, laptop, tablet, or e-reader 1-2 hours before bed.
  • Maintain a consistent bedtime to avoid a disruption in your sleep schedule.
  • Be mindful of how much alcohol or caffeine you’re drinking throughout the day, especially in the evening. Also, avoid late-night meals.
  • Close shades and use a fan to help circulate the air while you sleep to create a comfortable environment.
  • Get rid of heavy comforters and switch your bedding to allow for breathable sheets.

Don’t let these warmer months become a dreaded time of year. By keeping these simple tips in mind, you’ll finally be able to sleep better and wake ready to embrace the fun activities only summer can bring.

About the Author
Dr. Alex Naini wants you to get the rest you need. If constant interruptions keep you awake throughout the night and sleep apnea causes you to miss out on fun and exciting activities with family and friends, she and her team at Aesthetic Dental Spa can use the right techniques and tools to get you back on track. If you are struggling with a normal sleep pattern and need help to rest better, contact us at (703) 827-8282.

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