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Teeth Whitening – Tysons, VA

Your Key to a Dazzlingly Bright Smile

Smiling womanBad oral health habits, physical trauma, and simple aging can dull your teeth over time, which can leave you unsatisfied with your smile. Dr. Naini can use the latest techniques and technology to brighten your teeth several shades, whether it’s through an in-office procedure that produces fast results or a kit that will let you fight stains and discoloration in the comfort of your own home. Contact the Aesthetic Dental Spa today to learn more about your teeth whitening options. 

Why Whiten Your Teeth?

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There are plenty of reasons why your teeth might not look as bright as they used to. For example:

  • They might have been stained by years of using tobacco or drinking coffee and other dark-colored beverages.
  • You may have an old filling that’s become worn.
  • Genetics might make your teeth start to yellow early on.
  • You might have suffered from an infection or severe dental trauma.
  • Certain medications could have discolored your teeth if you were exposed to them at a young age.

A dull smile can make you look older and less healthy. However, if the source of the discoloration can be treated through whitening, it can give you a confidence boost and make it easier to show off your pearly whites.

In-Office Whitening

Teeth whitening

The fastest way to whiten your teeth is a procedure that can be performed in-office. Using the BriteSmile system, Dr. Naini will apply a gel to your teeth and activate it with a special light. The gel contains hydrogen peroxide that, as it breaks down, allows oxygen to enter the enamel and bleach the substances that cause discoloration. This procedure is completely safe, and you’ll have an experienced dentist watching over you the whole time. After about an hour of bleaching, we’ll finish with a five-minute fluoride treatment; after that, you’ll be able to see the dramatic improvements for yourself.

Take-Home Whitening

Woman with whitening tray

For patients who don’t need immediate results and want to have the whitening done at their own pace, we can offer convenient at-home whitening kits. Dr. Naini will create a unique tray designed to fit your teeth; you’ll fill the tray with whitening gel and wear it for a set period of time during the day or at night. It normally takes about two weeks to see the final results, but the changes to your smile will be no less dazzling.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

When you receive a whitening treatment from your cosmetic dentist, you’ll be able to enjoy the following benefits: