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The Secrets of Flossing Revealed by Your Dentist in Vienna

April 15, 2019

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person flossing their teethDuring each of your semi-annual checkups and cleanings with your dentist in Vienna, they ask you whether you’ve been flossing between visits. Out of a twinge of guilt, you may respond “yes” even though you don’t. Most patients hardly floss regularly because it feels like an unneeded step after you’ve just thoroughly brushed your teeth. What good can effective flossing actually do for you, after all? Read on to learn the secrets to effective flossing so you can prevent oral health problems like cavities and tooth decay.  

What’s the Simplest Flossing Technique?

Sometimes flossing can be frustrating because you’re not quite sure how to position your hands or the floss itself. Developing a simple technique that makes it easier for you can make a huge difference. In order to get the most out of flossing, allow these steps to guide you:

  • Cut off 18 inches or so of floss.
  • Wind the majority of it around one of your middle fingers, while only a little bit around your other.
  • Hold it taught and make a gentle rubbing motion guiding it between each of your teeth.
  • Rub the side of each of your teeth with the floss making up and down motions away from your gums.
  • Be sure to remember to also get behind your molars.

Should You Floss Before or After Brushing?

Some people may offer their opinion on whether it’s best to floss before or after you brush your teeth. Really, whenever you’re able to floss is beneficial to your oral health. Some people prefer to do it before brushing and using mouthwash to make sure that even the small spaces between their teeth are clear to receive more fluoride.

What’s the Best Floss for You?

You may not have noticed, but there are a few different kinds of dental floss available depending on how your teeth fit together. Finer varieties are great for teeth that are closer together and hard to get between. Waxed and flavored kinds can make your experience more enjoyable and easier. You may have also seen floss picks in the store. These are easier to hold onto and maneuver in between your teeth.

How Can You Get in the Habit of Flossing?

Getting yourself into the habit of flossing can be hard, but it’s a vital activity, especially if you have sensitive gums or gum disease. Once you continue flossing though, the bleeding and tenderness will subside. You’ll be surprised at how much food you’ll see being removed from between your teeth.

Most people will floss at night before bed because they find they have a few extra minutes to spare. You can remind yourself by placing a sticky note on your mirror or setting a reminder on your phone. Once you regularly do this for a couple of weeks, it’ll begin to form into a habit.

Flossing regularly can save you from serious oral health problems like cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. During your next couple semi-annual checkups and cleanings, you can ask your dentist in Tysons whether they were able to tell a difference in your plaque buildup. You’ll notice that you’ll experience fewer dental issues and less plaque and tartar buildup thanks to your fantastic new flossing skills!

About the Author

Dr. Alex Naini is passionate about giving each of her patients uniquely beautiful smiles. She hopes that everyone who walks through her doors is able to relax and enjoy their visit in a spa-inspired environment. She keeps up with the latest advancements and dental treatments by taking continuing education courses. She views dentistry not just as a profession, but a science and art that can improve her patient’s lives. For any questions or to schedule an appointment, visit Aesthetic Dental Spa’s website or contact 703-827-8282.

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