VIP Treatment

Most people think of the dentist's office as a cold, sterile environment, full of hard edges, bright lights, and white surfaces. Hard chairs, impersonal staff, and a bland waiting room where the buzzing electric clock churned off the hours while your appointment time came and went.

Dr. Alex Naini's Aesthetic Dental Spa is nothing like that kind of dental office. We understand that a dentist's appointment is not the only thing in your busy schedule and can send you email and Text reminders about your appointment.

From the moment you enter, Dr. Naini's team of trained professionals will greet you and take your medical information. Then you can relax briefly in our comfortable lobby and enjoy selections from our drink bar. Dr. Naini runs a tight ship, though, so you will not wait long before you are welcomed into one of our comfortable treatment rooms. You can relax in a soothing massage chair, kept warm by a soft, cozy blanket.

During your treatment, you can listen to your own CDs or one from our extensive collection. Or, if you'd like, you can enjoy a visual program using our hi-tech video glasses. We have many movies available as well as cable television.

Following your treatment, you are not rushed out, but are welcome to relax in our office.

"I really am delighted with Dr. Naini's cosmetic and medical dentistry. Both my husband and I believe she is an outstanding medical dentist who has addressed and repaired numerous problem areas in my mouth. She is also a true artist and sculptor who has provided me with a beautiful and natural smile. Friends keep saying "you look wonderful" and my husband Steve says "we should have met Dr. Naini 15 years ago!"

–Monica E. McKnight, Diplomate

For our Out-of-Town guests, we also offer Concierge Services. We can arrange to pick you up from the airport and return you after treatment. We can help with hotel arrangements, make dining reservations, secure theater tickets, or anything else that might help you enjoy your stay. Located just outside the Washington Beltway, the location offers many excellent opportunities to turn your cosmetic dentistry transformation into a memorable vacation for individuals, couples, or the whole family.

If you would like to learn more about all that VIP Treatment means at the Aesthetic Dental Spa, schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation at our Vienna, Virginia office today.

Cosmetic dentistry –
it truly is something worth smiling about!

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