Pure Power Mouthguard and Pure Power Edge

You know how you feel after a really good game or workout: every muscle is tired or sore or at least aware that it has been used. You've probably even felt it in far-off parts of the body, and wondered, "When did I use that muscle?" If you're working at the highest possible level, you know that it requires every muscle, every tendon, every sinew to be the best, to contribute its full share of power to the smooth, pure functioning of the body.

What if one part of your body isn't functioning properly? And what if that one part of your body affects another part? And what if that affected system is your spine, the core of your body, the binding frame that holds everything else together? Wouldn't that affect your performance?

If your jaw is out of alignment, that's exactly what's going on. When your jaw is out of place, it can affect the alignment of your spine, putting it under stress and out of alignment. As a result, you can suffer dramatically reduced performance in terms of strength, balance, and flexibility.

The Pure Power Solution
Now you can correct the misalignment of your jaw with the Pure Power Mouthguard and the Pure Power Edge: dental appliances designed to give you optimal performance no matter what your sport. An estimated 90% of Americans have misalignment problems with their jaw, meaning that the odds are you can benefit from the Pure Power Mouthguard or the Pure Power Edge.

Wearing the Pure Power Mouthguard or the Pure Power Edge puts your jaw into proper alignment, reducing stress on the muscles of the jaw and neck. Once the jaw is in place, the spine is more likely to see appropriate alignment, and once the spine improves, benefits radiate out through the upper body, leading to increased upper body strength, improved balance, and added flexibility.

Not Just for Pros
The number of professional athletes who are using the Pure Power Mouthguard or Pure Power Edge to increase their performance is substantial, and continues to grow. High profile athletes in baseball, football, hockey, and kickboxing have all seen significant results from using their Pure Power Mouthguard. Dr. Alex Naini has fit players from the Buffalo Bills, the Detroit Lions, and the Washington Redskins with the Pure Power Mouthguard.

But anyone involved in athletics can see Pure Power performance. Golfers, cyclists, runners, swimmers, tennis players, and strength trainers can all see significant benefits from wearing the Pure Power Edge. Whether you're trying to shave a few strokes off your handicap, beat your personal best, or just get a leg up on your weekly tennis partner, the Pure Power Edge can help.

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– Big hugs, Christy

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