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Dr. Alex Naini and her team at the Aesthetic Dental Spa are committed to using the latest and most state-of-the-art technology to meet all your dental needs. During the 10 years Dr. Naini has practiced cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry, she has endeavored to stay on top of the latest improvements and advancements in dental technology. This means that her patients can now enjoy more comfortable and effective dentistry than ever before.

"I really am delighted with Dr. Naini's cosmetic and medical dentistry. Both my husband and I believe she is an outstanding medical dentist who has addressed and repaired numerous problem areas in my mouth. She is also a true artist and sculptor who has provided me with a beautiful and natural smile. Friends keep saying "you look wonderful" and my husband Steve says "we should have met Dr. Naini 15 years ago!"

–Monica E. McKnight, Diplomate

Cosmetic dentistry –
it truly is something worth smiling about!

Alex M. Naini, DDS
Aesthetic Dental Spa
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