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Going to the dentist can be a scary and confusing process. Your LVI-trained dentist understands that you may not be familiar with the many cosmetic dentistry procedures available and will explain all the intricacies involved with the procedure you are interested in.

During your first consultation with an LVI-trained dentist, she will present you with a variety of options for your specific dental needs. she will listen to your questions and address all of your concerns – from issues involving dental procedures to financing to sedation dentistry.

Most cosmetic dental procedures require at least two appointments. While most of your questions and concerns will be answered during your first, initial consultation, that is hardly the only time your cosmetic dentist will be available to you. At LVI, our cosmetic dentists learn the importance of keeping you informed about each step. Every aspect of your procedure will be explained to you in as much detail as you like, until you feel comfortable.

Additionally, while your LVI-trained dentist will always make a recommendation as to what she considers the best route to take, all other possible cosmetic options will be presented to you as well.

At LVI, our dentists are trained to put you first. Each cosmetic dental procedure is highly dependant on the individual features of your mouth and teeth – our dentists will discuss your options with you, and give you a recommendation based upon both their years of experience and your individual needs. she will make sure you have a thorough understanding of each step, and your new smile will be finished before you know it!

A beautiful smile will improve your life is many ways. You'll find yourself becoming more outgoing and confident. You'll no longer be embarrassed to smile and laugh. People will find you more attractive – most patients find that their opportunities for romantic relationships improve significantly.

"I have had a history of cavities as far back as I can recall. Whenever I'd go in for my teeth cleaning and checkup, the dentist would inform me I had new cavities. Since coming to Aesthetic Dental Spa, and Dr. Naini, that lifelong relationship with cavities has ended. My teeth are healthier than ever!"

– Leah and Cliff (NFL Player) Russell

If you live in the Vienna area, contact Dr. Alex Naini today. She is a graduate of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, and, as such, is specially trained in a full range of cosmetic dentistry services. She has specialized training in cosmetic dentistry techniques and can help you achieve your ideal smile.

Cosmetic dentistry –
it truly is something worth smiling about!

Alex M. Naini, DDS
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